Ten more days and I will be 48.

Every year, I try to make a bucket list of the things I want to accomplish until I hit my next birthday. Usually, it’s just a list of 10, at most 15 items — books to write, places to go, courses to take, things to buy, things to do that make me happy, activities to do that make other people happy…that’s the usual drill. As I complete them, I tick them off, and put little smileys beside them, and then I thank God for making each goal come true.

This year, I’ve decided to challenge myself by drawing up a list of 48 things, yes, 48 — small and big things that I would like to do before hitting 49 next October.  Over the next 10 days that’s what I’ll be doing — draw up a list of the 48 things I pray that God will bring into my life and allow me to accomplish over the next 12 months. If it happens, great. If not, then I will take comfort in knowing that it’s either one of two things — it wasn’t in His plan for me, and two, He has something much better waiting.

Here we go…

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