What can we learn now that will shape us for what comes next? Because truthfully, there’s a great deal to life we cannot prepare for. Rather, we must learn to lean into God as the difficult days come and trust, as Brennan Manning said in The Wisdom of Tenderness, “that the grace for the next step in the dance of life {is} already there, given.”

Elisabeth Elliot wrote, “The secret is Christ in me, not me in a different set of circumstances.” The bigger story of our life begins the moment we understand this truth. Life does not begin when you get married, land your dream job or board a plane to travel the world. It is found in the beautiful, powerful love of Christ, which changes us in the midst of all circumstances, especially the ones we find most difficult. We need only be willing.

Make plans. Look forward to the future. Choose to be genuinely grateful for your story as it is today. And be transformed by the incredible love of Jesus—a love that offers fullness of life, soaked in adventure and infused with mystery. — Cara Joyner in Life Won’t Begin At Your Next Milestone


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