So last night the long-distance love post reached a whopping 100k likes and 31k shares 😱 How in heaven’s name does that happen?!? 
I believe in moments of grace. How, in the randomness of an ordinary day, we sometimes get a glimpse of moments that move us, of a love that inspires us and makes us believe once more in the possibility of a forever. 
Before I wrote this post I didn’t even know what the acronym LDR stood for 🙂 And today, Kicker Daily ran a story on it. The post seems to now be taking a life of its own. 

Going viral…
The story itself has so many layers, and I suppose this is one of the reasons why it resonated with so many. Our eyes and our hearts will find in the story, what it truly needs. For some, it is the longing for a love that is pure, quietly persistent, and one that knows no distance. For others, it is the painful reality of wanting to truly connect with the beloved or a loved one. Others were reminded of how technology, when used prudently, can build those bridges and keep them safe, steady and strong. But for many, it was simply the joy of reading about a love that is constant and consistent, a love willing to cross oceans, a love that patiently waits. 
Whatever it is that you found inspiring, I pray that it restores your faith in the human heart, and how in a world rife with chaos and hurt, if we consciously choose to do so, love always wins. 💕
P.S. And because the post became so sticky/viral, love found its way to me. Will be talking to the couple in the story real soon.

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