Once in a rare while you get a front tow seat to a journey laden with miracles and grace.

My friend Jingjing's cancer journey began early last year and culminated today with her first art exhibit, "Postcards from Mamita" which showcased 74 of her artworks. The paintings drew inspiration from her travel to different countries over the years.

Originally meant as gifts for her grandchildren, at some point while she was working on the paintings, she realized they could mean something more. Painting became her refuge as she navigated the road towards healing this past year.

Art became her therapy. As a child she had a painful experience which made her turn away from painting, only to rediscover it more almost 55 years later. What once had caused her great pain as a child, became her redemption as an adult battling breast cancer. And survive, she did.

This evening her paintings sold out. All
proceeds are being donated to fund three scholars from the dioceses of Cabanatuan and Nueva Ecija. What was meant for harm, has emerged for the good of so many. "I only wish to give back, the love and the comfort given to me. Art has been my solace and my therapy."

Here is Jingjing, in her own words.
Thank you Jing, for the inspiration. We love you. ❤️
Please click on this link to view my interview with Jingjing. 😊

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