Love is always greater than death.

Here’s a beautiful story that exemplifies that statement. The family involved has given me permission to share this heartwarming story of redemption.

Last night was this family’s final Good Grief session with me. We had pushed their schedule back around three or four times because something critical would always come up. After, several postponements, we agreed on a date, and finally came together last night.

Earlier in the day, they had been cleaning out their old house. Their son, had died a little over three months ago, very suddenly. The circumstances of his passing puzzled his family. They were all distraught that he had not left them any clue, not even a note.

For the final session, I asked each member to bring something, an object, that reminded them of their loved one who had died. It’s always a moving exercise. One sibling wore his kuya’s shirt, another one brought his backpack, while another sibling brought a shirt she had bought soon after her brother died.

His fiancée, who had been helping clean out their house earlier that day, found some of his old schoolwork from when he was in high school. Among the papers was an autobiography that he had written when he was around 14 or 15 years old. The interesting thing is, he didn’t write about himself, but he wrote about his family. It wasn’t surprising though, that he did. Because all his life, this young man had always, with no fail, put others, ahead of himself. “He always put himself last. He thought of us all the time,” his father shared. “He was also the most prayerful.”

In the autobiography, the young man wrote about each of his siblings, what he loved most about them, what he thought about each one. He would finish each description with a loving affirmation. All throughout the piece, he expressed such great love for his family, and how, they were the best thing that happened to him.

As his youngest brother and older sister took turns reading the autobiography, everyone around the table was in tears, including myself. Indeed sometimes, God gives you a front row seat to the miracle of His healing grace, and you cannot help but be grateful and awed at the comfort He provides to those left behind. What a way to close our Good Grief workshop.

The young man may not have left his family a note, but he left them with something even greater. A love letter sent down from heaven, found by his one great love. He spoke to each of his family members so clearly through a paper written perhaps over a decade ago, as if telling them, “I’m ok, and you will be too. We loved each other well, now, remember that love, even when I am gone.”

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