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Lessons From The 5th Decade

I find that in both the personal and the professional, the gift of the fifth decade of life is found in mastering the art of surrender. No longer upset when things don't go my way. Learning to roll with the punches, and letting the pain just slide, and yes, keeping away from situations and people… Continue reading Lessons From The 5th Decade

Grace, Grief and Loss, Inspiration, Love

Basil Valdez and the Soundtrack of My Life

I'm 52 years old now, and for the last 40 years, Basil's songs have been a constant companion. Last night, watching him, and hearing him sing the songs that we had all grown up with was one of the most memorable evenings of my life.  Music takes us to places in our heart that we… Continue reading Basil Valdez and the Soundtrack of My Life

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An Open Letter to General Bato 

Dear General Bato,  What is happening to our country? Last Monday evening, 24 year old Em-J Pavia who was a model student, son, friend, and teacher was mercilessly gunned down a mere five minutes away from his home. Yesterday, it was 27 year old Lauren Rosales, soft-spoken, caring, loved by everyone she worked with.  She… Continue reading An Open Letter to General Bato 

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A Tale of Two Miguels

There are two difficult days each year in every bereaved parent's life. One, the day of your child's passing, and two, your child's birthday.  Tomorrow is my son's 22nd birthday. His nickname is Migi, but his whole name is Francisco Miguel. Almost every year since he died in 1998, God in His infinite grace, allows… Continue reading A Tale of Two Miguels